📹 Paul Jacobs – “Half Rich Loner”

If one thing is certain, Montreal has no shortage of talent when it comes to musicians. Case in point: Paul Jacobs. The drummer for indie-rockers Pottery and Sounds From Mothland designer is set to drop a new album, and we can’t get enough of the first single, Half Rich Loner.

Check out the animated video in the embed, and stay tuned to his socials for more going forward. Pink Dogs On The Green Grass drops April 30th on Blow The Fuse Records.

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📹 Venus Furs – “New Inspiration”

Photo By Sean Mundy

We first told you about Montreal psych-rocker Paul Kasner (aka Venus Furs) back in April of last year. Since then, the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has released his stellar self-titled album on the masses; he even landed a spot on our top records of 2020. Recently, Paul dropped a trippy new video for the album track New Inspiration, and we want you to know about it.

Watch the clip in the embed, and be sure to hit up his socials for more. One thing is for certain … we can’t get enough of this very talented musician.

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💿 THE RECORD LABELS: Telephone Explosion

It’s the beginning of a new week and we’re super stoked to be presenting a fresh column — The Record Labels. Starting today (and every Monday for the foreseeable future), we’re going to tell you a little about some of our favourite independent labels in the industry, and obviously, include a super dope playlist for your listening pleasure.

Today, we start with Toronto’s Telephone Explosion Records.

After relocating to the city in 2007, the label was started by Ottawa-natives Jon Schouten and Steve Sidoli, who also happen to be part of garage-punk outfit Teenanger. With Chris Swimmings already in the band, they enlisted the services of bassist Melissa Ball and dropped their first self-titled cassette on the masses. TER001, to be exact.

Over the years, the label has released over 70+ records from artists like Freak Heat Waves, Odonis Odinis, New Fries, LIDS, Andre Ethier (of Deadly Snakes fame) and of course, Teenanger. The roster shows no signs of slowing down either, with stellar new albums from Lee Paradise and Pantayo released last year.

Check out the playlist below and get familiar with some of our favourite tracks from these purveyors of fine music. You’ll be glad you did.

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🎧 Mush – “Seven Trumpets”

If you like quirky lyrics and catchy songs, look no further than Leeds-based post-punkers Mush. Fresh off an album in 2020, the band is back with another record this year, and their latest single is a thing of beauty. Now, it’s time to share it with you.

“Seven Trumpets” started as a climate change jaunt, but with the plethora of Armageddon scenarios currently on display, it became more about sleepwalking into disaster in a generalised sense. It has a Beefhearty breakdown in the middle.”

Check out Seven Trumpets in the embed and hit up their social links for more. The new album Lines Redacted is out February 12th via Memphis Industries.

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💿 Ghost Woman – ‘Anne, If’

If you haven’t been introduced to California indie-rock outfit Ghost Woman, you’re definitely missing out. We recently came across their sophomore effort, Anne, If, and it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share it with you. It’s an incredible musical journey from front to back, and now it’s time for you to take a listen.

Check it out in the embed, and make sure you hit up our favourite album tracks, The End Of A Gun and Down Again. And, while you’re at it, hit up their socials below for more going forward.

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