Photo by Natasha Roberts

OMBIIGIZI (om-BEE-ga-ZAY), a collaboration between Zoon (Daniel Monkman) and Status/Non-Status (Adam Sturgeon), is a “moccasin-gaze” outfit based out of Canada. Their music blends elements of noise-rock with Indigenous sounds and themes, creating a unique listening experience.

Today we’re excited to share the second single from their upcoming sophomore effort on Toronto’s Arts & Crafts record label. Produced by Kevin Drew and OMBIIGIZI, “Ziibi” is raw and impactful, coupled with unforgettable hooks and shimmering production. It evokes a sense of authenticity that leaves the listener craving more.

Translating to ‘river’ in Anishinaabe, “Ziibi” pays homage to the power of the elements. “Scared to leave / what is a reservation,” they sing over layered acoustic guitars that accrue to electric, emotional heights in a timeless chorus. A cultural expression through noise, OMBIIGIZI explores the idea that Indigenous people have not been given a choice in how to define themselves.

Daniel Monkman “wrote “Ziibi” about the Red River that flows through Manitoba. It’s a very long river all the way from the Mississippi. I grew up along the shore of that river looking into it. Watching as it would swallow up all our bikes and skateboards. My first realization of how powerful the elements are,” adding that, “The river teaches us.”

Listen to “Ziibi” in the embed below and don’t forget to check out their first album single Connecting while you’re at it. The new record Shame has an expected release date later this year and if these first few songs are any indication, we’re in for something very special.

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