Pretty – “Food For The Moon”

Pretty Food For The Moon
Photo by Leanna Gennuso

Back in mid-April, we told you about Wait For The Sun, the first offering from the upcoming EP by Toronto psych rockers Pretty. Today the band has returned with a second single called Food For The Moon and this one picks up where the last left off — leaving the listener wanting more.

Speaking on the new song, vocalist Torin Craig had this to say: “The title comes from this phrase I found in a book, something about the moon living off of our emotions, basically farming us in a sense for sustenance – very occult. I can’t remember what book it came from and have been driving myself insane trying to find it again. The song itself was written in the days following a break up, working with the feeling of futility, loss, and emotional torture that comes with that sort of thing. It’s two people who are both dealing with their own things and it gets in the way of them being together – and hey, what does it matter anyways, we’re all just food for the moon in the end.”

Listen to Food For The Moon in the embed below, and be sure to keep it locked to their socials for more. This is one band you don’t want to sleep on.

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