Tearjerker – “This Is Really All We Need”

Tearjerker - This Is Really All We Need
Photo By Terry Worona

Toronto dream-pop outfit Tearjerker is the work of musicians Micah Bonte, Trevor Hawkins and Taylor Shute. The 3-piece has returned with a new album titled This Is Really All We Need — a follow-up to the Deep End EP released back in 2022.

The collection of ten songs was recorded throughout 2022-2024, following the same iterative process the band has been using since their inception in 2008. During the writing process, songs are passed back and forth across email—often beginning as an instrumental composition by Shute, a voice memo demo from Bonte, or a looping percussion sample created by Hawkins. Only after the music has layered upon in a continuous feedback-loop during the recording process does a song truly begin to emerge. This layering lends itself to the multi-dimensional sound the group is known for. 

“Sometimes I feel like I’m coming to the group with a fully fleshed out song — minus vocals,” says Taylor. “But I know that’s never true. A Tearjerker song isn’t finished until each of us has sat with it, multiple times.

Listen to This Is Really All We Need in its entirety below. You can also pre-order a limited edition cassette through Bandcamp.

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