💿 PREMIERE: Kitjohari – “Tango Mango”

Back in mid-February, we told you about the Jairzinho Scores single from Toronto sample-based producer Kitjohari. At the time, we were anxiously awaiting his new EP, Tango Mango. Today, the wait is finally over, and we couldn’t be more excited to be premiering it at The iM.

Self-proclaimed “Beatlab Technician” Chris Harry produced the record between 2019 and late 2020. The result is a collection of infectious beats & samples that will take you on a musical journey you won’t forget. From the opening track, ’76 Carlsbad Sunset, to the closer Arrepender de Conformar, the EP drags you in and doesn’t let go. We’ve had this thing on heavy rotation, and now it’s your chance to take a listen.

Check out the record in the embed below, and keep an eye on his socials. Something tells us it’s not the last time we’ll hear music of this calibre from the young producer … and that would definitely be a good thing.

In other news: we’re holding a giveaway to win a cassette prize pack that includes a copy of the new record courtesy of The iM and the good folks at Glue Gun Records. All you have to do is hit up this post for more info. And, don’t forget, all revenue from EP sales will be donated to the Six Nations Community Food Bank.

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📹 PREMIERE: Neon Bloom – “Tangerine”

Toronto 4-piece Neon Bloom has been on our radar for a while now, and what better way to celebrate their latest video with a premiere here at The iM. If you’re not familiar with the music, your day is about to get a whole lot better.

Back in early November, the indie-pop outfit dropped the infectious Still Life EP. The 4-song effort really packs a punch, and Tangerine is the icing on the cake. The song conjures up memories of 90s trip-hop acts like Morcheeba and Zero 7.

In the video clip below, you’ll find scenes of everyday life in the Cuban capital of Havana, including its incredible architecture and classic cars of the 40s and 50s. It was filmed by band member and videographer Fred Yurichuk early last year, before the Covid-19 outbreak. More about the song and video:

“Unlike other songs on the EP, ‘Tangerine’ offers an escape from the grim realities of late, focusing instead on sensual experience and lost love. In keeping with the romantic theme of the song, the music video is a montage of scenes depicting the everyday lives of people living in the photogenic city of Havana. Full of lovely pastels and stunning architecture, with splashes of colour punctuating the scenery, Yurichuk’s video allows the viewer to visually experience Havana from afar. At a time when we are all confined to our immediate “bubbles”, this video offers a way to vicariously experience another city and way of life.”

Check out the video in the embed, and look out for this bunch going forward. It’s safe to say Neon Bloom is here to stay.

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🎧 PREMIERE: South Of France – “Sidewalk”

Photo By Alden Bonecutter

South Of France is the moniker of Denver-based songwriter and musician Jeff Cormack. When he’s not making infectious indie-pop music, Jeff is a full-time composer and head of record label Staycation … he’s even shared the stage with The Flaming Lips and Portugal. The Man.

Over the past year, he’s released a string of successful singles on the masses. His latest track, Sidewalk, might be the most infectious yet, and we couldn’t be more excited to be premiering it at The iM today. The song will be included on his upcoming long-player; more about that below:

“It’s about when someone catches your eye and you like that person’s vibe and you kinda imagine what they’re like, make that story up in your head and run with it,” Cormack explains. The track was such a stand out that it ended up defining the album of cheerful, lo-fi indie-rock anthems. “The goal is to deliver a mental vacation.”

Listen to the track in the embed, and be sure to hit up his socials for more leading up to the release. The new record, Remember That Cool Thing We Did, drops on February 26th. Not sure about you, but we can’t wait.

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🎧 PREMIERE: John Lowell Anderson – “Four am”

Photo by Claire Fagin

Singer-songwriter and musician John Lowell Anderson hails from Los Angeles, California. Working with producer Tyler Chester (Andrew Bird, Dawes), he’s created an exceptional and captivating piece of work with his latest single, Four am.

The song immediately struck a chord with us after just one listen. That being said, we couldn’t be more excited to be premiering it at The iM today. More on the track below:

“True to its title, “Four am” was conceived in the wee hours of the morning. The song is both melancholy and hopeful and hints at the distorted reality that ties in with lack of sleep. JLA often finds creativity in the sleepless nights. “This song was sort of following my stream of consciousness in those moments and the lyrics really poured out from that.”

Check out Four am in the embed and hit up his social links below to show some love. The All That I Know EP is out on February 19th.

📹 PREMIERE: The Waverlys – ‘Save Me’

The Waverlys are an alternative-folk duo based out of Guelph, Ontario, comprised of cellist Charlotte Moore and singer-songwriter Kevin Myles Wilson. Back in 2018, they dropped an exceptional EP on the masses, and many people took notice.

Inspired by the Good Girl recording sessions, the duo went back into the studio, hungry for more. Unfortunately, the pandemic showed up on the scene, halting any sort of creative output. So, we’re going to have to wait for more music. Until then, we’re excited to be premiering a new lyric video for the sombre yet incredibly powerful, Save Me.

“The song portrays the ups and downs of living with mental health issues and depression and attempts to capture the relationship between the person and the darkness that lives within their head. The disheartening truth that one is often their own worst enemy; the one that they need saving from, comprises the chorus: “Save me from myself. ‘Cause I ain’t running from nobody else. And I’m screaming for your help. Won’t you save me from myself.”

Check out the video in the embed below, and make sure you hit up their socials to show your support. Trust us when we say … you’ll be glad you did.

💿 PREMIERE: Fellow Hollow – ‘Violet Paper Wings’

To say that we’re excited about the new record from Columbus indie-folk outfit Fellow Hollow would be the understatement of this very unusual year. We’ve already heard three unforgettable singles over the last few months … Where Can I Buy Fresh Berries At Night?, Dog Fence Weeds and Counting Deer … songs that leave the listener begging for more.

Just today, the boys dropped Violet Paper Wings on the masses, and we couldn’t be more stoked to be premiering it here at The iM. If you’ve had the opportunity to listen to the aforementioned tracks, get ready for a musical journey you won’t soon forget; with dreamy, piano-driven songs like Mud Hens, Anvil, and True Aquatic Empathy now in the mix, the duo have really outdone themselves on this one.

Now that we have your attention, listen to the album in the embed below, and hit up their socials for more going forward. As far as we’re concerned, Fellow Hollow might very well be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

🎧 PREMIERE: Johnny Vacation – ‘Owe My Life’

Johnny Vacation is the moniker of Toronto’s Josh Bois. Just today, the singer-songwriter and musician dropped a brand new song on the masses, and we couldn’t be more stoked to be the first to share it with you. It’s a slow, brooding, guitar-driven number that will leave you wanting more. Now, it’s time to take a listen.

Check out Owe My Life in the embed, and be sure to hit up his socials for more. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Micmac Benevolent Society of Nova Scotia, now and forever. A worthy cause to say the least.

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🎧 PREMIERE: New River Beach – ‘Mystery Tape’

Back in mid-May, we premiered the debut song by Toronto indie-electronic outfit New River Beach called The Right Place. Well, the duo is back with another track, and we couldn’t be happier to be sharing it with you on this Friday morning.

Compared to its predecessor, Mystery Tape is an upbeat number but still maintains that sound we’ve come to appreciate over the last few months; rolling synths and hazy vocals suck you in and before you know it, you’re lost in a trance. It’s an incredibly infectious number that you won’t soon forget.

“We wrote and recorded “Mystery Tape” over the course of a weekend when the world seemed to be imploding. We recorded our vocals in our basement washroom and played our synths into headphones, making our nightly music sessions incognito to our sleeping children. “Mystery Tape” was written to give listeners 3 minutes to put their heads down and dance.”

Now that we have your attention, check out Mystery Tape in the embed below and be sure to hit up their socials for more going forward. Trust us when we say, this is a band you don’t want to sleep on.

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Toronto instrumental post-rock outfit Animatist have come a long way since we first came across the band way back in 2010. The 4-piece are set to release their latest effort, Inverted on July 3rd and let’s just say, you’re in for something very special.

The guys and gal have been kind enough to share a second track from the album and now it’s our turn to share it with you. It’s an incredibly infectious number that will fulfill all your musical needs.

Check out IHAVECOMPLETEDMYFAMILY in the embed below and be prepared for a sonic journey you won’t soon forget. And, be sure to hit up their socials to keep up-to-date on all things Animatist… this bunch is here to stay.

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