boy wonder – “Kinda Blue Too”

Over the last few months, Toronto singer-songwriter Ryan Faist has dropped a string of memorable singles on the masses. With each song, the anticipation surrounding his new album grew to new levels.

Today, boy wonder is finally releasing Kinda Blue Too, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. We’ve had the chance to listen to the full album, and the good news is, you’re in for a musical ride you won’t soon forget. If album tracks Daddy and Walkin’ In Amerika don’t hit you immediately, it’s time to get your head checked.

“‘Kinda Blue Too’ and is about being a tuning fork to the sadness, and sometimes happiness of the world, or at least the city of Toronto. The record is 10 videos, each with a person I’ve met along the way. It’s about the people I meet and the people I see. It’s for our physical and metaphorical mothers. It’s a homemade record nonetheless, made on a homemade dime.”

Watch all the song videos right here, and be sure to check out the accompanying 16mm live film Fear In Public below … you won’t be disappointed.

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