Status/Non-Status – “January 3rd”

Status/Non-Status January 3rd
Photo by Steven Lourenco

We last told you about London-based indigenous-rock outfit Status/Non-Status back in September when they released the Surely Travel LP on the masses. This week the band returned with a new EP called January 3rd — a collection of songs held back from the initial release.

“While each song is deeply personal, at the time it felt as though they pushed the album further into the rural-folk spectrum than we envisioned for ourselves, but together now make for a sentimental journey that sounds just right on the cold winds of winter,” says songwriter Adam Sturgeon.

Speaking on the title track, Sturgeon had this to say: January 3rd is a song of reflection, “a call to a more natural way of existing but trapped within the busy people, streets and lights of a broken city. I wrote this while living in Flint, Michigan and it was the first song we recorded for Surely Travel, where in a song we are all just trying to be free.”

Listen to the EP in its entirety below, and be sure to check out their socials for more. And, while you’re at it, hit up Surely Travel — you won’t be disappointed.

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