Status/Non-Status – “Blown Tire”

Status/Non-Status - "Blown Tire"
Photo by Matthew Wiewel

Over the last few months, London-based indigenous-rock outfit Status/Non-Status has dropped two infectious singles, Mashkiki Sunset and Mainly Crows. Today the band is releasing their new record Surely Travel and a video for album-cut Blown Tire to go along with it.

Speaking on the new single, songwriter Adam Sturgeon had this to say: “You see a lot of things from the road, but really you often just pass them by, onto the next mile, another highway, a shortcut or two.

Nowadays, there’s an awful lot of sprawl and lobbying for your place in the traffic line. It’s tough to believe in the world sitting there on the tarmac but still we load the van, rally our passions and pursue this dream of making rock & roll. Coast to coast, season to season, mile after mile, their car vs mine; loaded with my pals, sorting it out together.”

Watch the video for Blown Tire (directed by Kevin Drew) in the embed below, and be sure to check out the rest of Surely Travel. The band has a date at the Horshoe Tavern in Toronto on October 8th — grab your tickets now.

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