Sunglaciers – “Glue”

Sunglaciers - "Glue"
Photo by Haley Gunn

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Calgary psych-pop outfit Sunglaciers. Earlier this year, the band graced us with their stellar Subterranea record. Now they’re back with a video for album-cut Glue, and we want to share it with you.

Speaking on the video, directed by the band’s Evan Resnik, he says, “The simplistic lyrics of Glue disguise underlying themes of possession, decay, and expectation. The pressures we feel from the outside mutate into something we perceive to be coming from within, endlessly pursuing things we don’t need, or even want, while trudging through existence. But it works the other way too –  misinterpreting the outside world to fit our egoistic desires. It’s about transcending these burdens and moving on without a care in the world. In the video I played around with these ideas using echoes, mirroring, and general fucking around. I haven’t done many videos so I’m learning a lot and having fun. It’s a psychotic frenzy, but there’s some beauty in there.”

Watch the video in the embed below, and be sure to hit up their socials for more. And, in other news, the 4-piece will be here in Toronto as part of their North American tour on November 4th at the Monarch Tavern. Stay tuned for ticket info.

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