Nisa – “Exaggerate”

Nisa Exaggerate
Photo by Sara Laufer

If you’re not familiar with New York City musician Nisa Lumaj, you really should be. Recently, the singer-songwriter returned with a new single and an EP announcement. After just one listen to Exaggerate, we’re hooked.

Speaking on the single, Nisa says: “It takes a while for me to internalize things, and usually that means I have to make sense of my thoughts on my own before I can open up to others. “Exaggerate” is about recognizing the intensity of a really special, fast-moving thing, and desperately wanting to speed that process up in myself.”

Watch the video in the embed below, and be sure to hit up her socials for more. The Exaggerate EP drops on September 30th via Los Angeles-based label Hit The North Records. Check out the artwork above.

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