The Rural Alberta Advantage – “CANDU” & “AB Bride”

Rural Alberta Advantage CANDU
Artwork by Leroy Schulz

Way back in the early days of The iM, we came across an album by the name of Hometowns from The Rural Alberta Advantage. The record, to this day, defines a special time in our history; it also defines an unrivalled era for independent music in Canada and beyond.

Three albums following Hometowns and over a decade later, the Toronto-based indie-rockers remain as relevant as ever. CANDU and AB Bride, their latest double-single, is definitely proof of that. In true RAA fashion, the songs pull you in and don’t let go; leaving the listener with a desire for more.

Listen to both tracks in the embed below, and be sure to keep it locked to their socials going forward. Hopefully, for us, more music is on the way.

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