Tristen – “Cool Blue”

If you’re not familiar with Nashville-based musician Tristan, you’ve been missing out. The singer-songwriter has dropped a string of iM-approved singles over the last few months from her soon-to-be-released fourth studio album.

This week she returns with a final song and animated video to go along with it. We couldn’t wait to share it with you.

‘Cool Blue’ is a love song about a relationship on the brink of going to the next level of intimacy or bust. It’s the story of a wildly emotive woman in love with a statue. It’s a passionate, near-hysterical reaction to a cool and unfeeling partner. I was channeling Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields, I suppose, hopelessly analyzing the failures on both sides. You can’t, as you once thought, change someone. It’s left as hopeless as that.”

Watch Cool Blue in the embed and hit up her socials to show some love. The new record Aquatic Flowers is out tomorrow on Mama Bird Recordings.

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