La Faute – “Watercolours”

La Faute - "Watercolours"

La Faute is the moniker of Toronto-based singer-songwriter Peggy Messing. We recently came across her latest single Watercolours, and after just one listen, we’re hooked. The track is the second offering from her upcoming debut record Blue Girl Nice Day.

Speaking on the accompanying video, Messing had this to say: “The character in the video alternates between being in her inner world, the cocoon of the car, and the outside, within the harsh elements of real life. In control and out of control, fantasy versus reality.”

“I like to contrast delicate, shy imagery with something violent or sudden if I can. Something small and something big and impossible. Two things happening for someone at once: on the outside, they’re a wallflower, on the inside, it’s alarm bells and disaster.”

Watch the video for Watercolours in the embed below and be sure to check out the lead single and title track Blue Girl Nice Day while you’re at it — you’ll be glad you did.