Fast Romantics – “Euphoria”

Fast Romantics - "Euphoria"

After releasing Outta Love in January, their first new music since 2020, Toronto by way of Calgary indie-rock outfit Fast Romantics has returned with a second single called Euphoria. This one picks up right where its predecessor left off; leaving the listener looking for more.

Speaking on the new song, singer Matt Angus had this to say: Euphoria was written during one of the roughest times in my life. I’d been beating my head against every wall I could find, so desperately hungry for relief from what seemed like endless suffering and chaos. I’d blitz between weird drugs and far out therapists, from wacky diets to get rich quick schemes. I’d fall into extreme attempts at partying one week and monk-like straight-edge living the next. Anything for a taste of this elusive ‘happiness’ I felt was missing from my life. In the process, I nearly lost myself, at times emotionally paralyzed on the floor of my living room or studio. But somewhere towards the end of all of that madness, this song came out of me in a blur.”

Watch the video for Euphoria in the embed below and keep it locked to their socials going forward. The band has said more music is on the way this year — stay tuned.

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