Zoon – “Manitou”

Zoon - "Manitou"

Following last month’s exceptional single, A Language Disappears, Toronto “moccasin-gaze” artist Daniel Monkman aka Zoon has returned with a second single from their upcoming album Bekka Ma’iingan.

Manitou is about the group of friends I had growing up in Selkirk Manitoba explains Monkman. We’d run across the red bridge and have fires and drink. Our little piece of heaven, until some cops would come and ruin our fun. Running from them was fun though. It was some of the best times of my life.”

“I did notice a very sad element to the whole thing afterwards. Everything was just so normal at the time, I didn’t have anything to really base it off of, but I know now a lot of us were struggling with mental health issues and not properly taken care of, but we took care of each other and some of us got lost along the way, some passed on, I will always remember. Manitou is that feeling I get when I reflect back to those times. I wanted to write music for a film that would never be made.”

Check out the Trevor Blumas-directed video in the embed below and keep it locked to their socials for more leading up to the release. The new record Bekka Ma’iingan (Bay-ka Mo-Een-Gan) is out April 28th on Paper Bag Records.

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