๐ŸŽง STACEY – “The Songwriter”

Over the last year, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and musician Stacey has released a string of memorable singles. Recently, she dropped another track and announced her debut album, Saturn Return. If this song is any indication, we’re in for something special.

โ€œ’The Songwriterโ€ contemplates whether 2 songwriters are writing a song about each other. I bumped into a familiar man at my local dry cleaners one day in LA. I thought he was cute and immediately turned into a nervous weirdo. After stumbling through a conversation I realized I recognized him. He was a writer on one of the biggest songs in the world that year. I liked the idea of serendipitous romance between songwriters. And so, I extrapolated the run-in and painted in a rosy narrative.

Listen to The Songwriter in the embed and keep it locked to her socials. The new record is out May 21st … mark your calendars now.

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