📹 Plants And Animals: ‘The Jungle’

Back in early September, we first told you about the upcoming album, The Jungle, from Montreal indie-rockers Plants And Animals. Well, the record has since been released, and just recently, the band dropped a groovy new video for the title track. We can’t seem to get enough here at The iM.

This song grew out of the ashes of one that we had recorded for the previous record but didn’t ultimately make the cut. Nic, who had sparked the song in the first place way back when, wanted to try to salvage some of the parts and give it another shot—the chord changes and the “yeah yeah yeahs” at least, which were inspired by Jorge Ben and the band’s eternal love for Brazilian music.”

Check it out in the embed below, and be sure to hit up their socials for more going forward. You can also grab a copy of the new album over at Secret City Records. Trust us when we say … you’ll be glad you did.

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