📹 Coy Haste – “Desert Flower”

If you haven’t heard the latest EP from Toronto electronic-music producer Coy Haste, you’re missing out. Back in early February, he dropped Apicultura on the masses, and we took note. Now, he’s back with a new video. We want you to know about it.

“It tells the story of love and metamorphosis through two trees, a supportive group of sentient flowers and lots and lots of butterflies.”

Check out the animated Desert Flower in the embed below and keep it locked to his socials for more. Hopefully, we’ll see more in 2021.

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📹 Coy Haste – “Honeybee”

Producer Coy Haste (aka Brad Weber of Pick A Piper) dropped a new video for Honeybee this week. The track was included on his recent 4-song effort, Apicultura. We’ve had the EP on heavy rotation here at The iM, and now we have a visual treat to go along with it.

“I sampled various vintage cartoons, dating as far back as the 1930s and chopped them up to create a narrative while adding lots of effects, textures and blending techniques to give it my own feel.”

Sound appealing? Watch the clip in the embed below, and be sure to check out his socials for more. This is an artist who deserves your attention.

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🎧 Coy Haste – “West Plains”

If you’re not familiar with Brad Weber, he’s the producer behind Toronto-based electronic outfit Coy Haste. He also happens to be the brains behind one of our favourites; Pick A Piper.

Recently, he dropped West Plains on the masses, and we can’t get enough of this thing here at The iM. It’s been on heavy rotation over the last few days and shows no signs of slowing down. Now, it’s time for you to take a listen.

Check out the track in the embed below, and be sure to hit up his socials leading up to the new record; Apicultura drops February 5th via Stereo Ferment.

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🎥 Pantayo – ‘V V V (They Lie)’

Back in early May we told you about the latest record from Toronto Kulintang inspired pop outfit Pantayo. Well, we’ve got some good news; the ladies are back with a brand new video and we can’t wait to share it with you.

“V V V (They Lie) comes from a place of growth, pride, and defiance. In this karaoke music video, we imagine an uplifting New Earth where there is abundance and liberation. A hopeful world created as a result of dismantling white supremacy, fighting the lies of colonialism, and ending fascism and the oppression of marginalized peoples. A world that symbolizes positive change and is possible with our collective willingness to evolve, grow, and do better.”

Check out V V V (They Lie) in the embed below and don’t forget to hit up their socials for more. This band is definitely one to keep your eye on.

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🎧 Pantayo – ‘Divine’

Toronto’s Pantayo recently came up on our radar and we’re certainly glad they did. The 5-piece band blends traditional Kulintang instruments with vocals and electronic sounds to create a mesmerizing aural experience you won’t soon forget.

Check out Divine in the embed below and show some support over on Bandcamp. Their new album is slated for a May 8th release.


Stay Tuned

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