💿 THE RECORD LABELS: We Are Busy Bodies

Welcome back to The Record Labels, where every week, we tell you a little about an independent label we trust when it comes to music. Last week you heard about Hand Drawn Dracula. Now we’re back with Toronto’s We Are Busy Bodies.

The label was started in 2005 by musician and show promoter Eric Warner. Their first-ever release was a split between Viking Club and Japanther. Over the last two decades, they’ve dropped more than 80 releases from the likes of Limblifter, METZ, Odonis Odinis, Julie Doiron, DD/MM/YYYY and Chad VanGaalen.

More recently, they’ve released stellar work by Andronoids, Bike Club and Michael Scott Dawson. This year they have more than 40 releases lined-up. From indie-rock to post-punk, electronic to world music, this bunch has you covered.

Last Friday, the label celebrated its 16th anniversary; that says a lot about the music. In a world where labels come and go, it looks like WABB is here to stay. Now, check out the playlist in the embed below, and get familiar with their incredibly eclectic sound. You’ll be glad you did.

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