💿 THE RECORD LABELS: Murderecords

Welcome back to The Record Labels, where every Monday, we tell you about an independent label we know and trust when it comes to music. Last week we introduced you to Toronto’s Glue Gun Records. Now we’re back with legendary east-coast label Murderecords.

The label was started in Halifax by Canadian indie-rock veterans Sloan back in ’92. Originally formed to release their own work, they eventually expanded to other bands like The Inbreds, Eric’s Trip, The Hardship Post, Thrush Hermit, and The Superfriendz. During this time, the “Halifax Pop Explosion” was often used to describe the scene, eventually becoming a full-time festival.

The very first release was the Peppermint EP by Sloan. From 1998 on, for the most part, they mainly released their own recordings. Some exceptions include Will Curry & The Country French, Pony Da Look and Matthew Grimson‘s posthumous record, Prize for Writing. Coincidently, just last week, Rick White from Eric’s Trip dropped a collection of his own Peppermint EP covers. Pretty cool stuff.

If you’re looking for an introductory lesson, look no further than the singles below; these songs were the start of something special. Not sure what you think, but Murderecords might very well be the biggest indie-label this country has ever seen.

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