📹 Sonic Unyon: “Now We Are 25”

If you’re not familiar with Hamilton-based independent record label Sonic Unyon, you really should be. The label is responsible for releasing a ton of music over the years from Canadian indie music veterans like Thrush Hermit, Hayden, Tristan Psionic, Erics Trip, SIANspheric, Treble Charger, and more. Just recently, they released a documentary celebrating 25 years, and we want you to know all about it. It’s a trip down memory lane you won’t soon forget.

Check out the doc in the embed, and be sure to hit up the playlist below for all the Sonic Unyon you can handle. And, while you’re at it, grab a copy of the triple edition 25th-anniversary vinyl bundle right here. One thing is for certain, this bunch helped shape the Canadian music scene in a big way. Show them some love.