📹 PREMIERE: The Waverlys – ‘Save Me’

The Waverlys are an alternative-folk duo based out of Guelph, Ontario, comprised of cellist Charlotte Moore and singer-songwriter Kevin Myles Wilson. Back in 2018, they dropped an exceptional EP on the masses, and many people took notice.

Inspired by the Good Girl recording sessions, the duo went back into the studio, hungry for more. Unfortunately, the pandemic showed up on the scene, halting any sort of creative output. So, we’re going to have to wait for more music. Until then, we’re excited to be premiering a new lyric video for the sombre yet incredibly powerful, Save Me.

“The song portrays the ups and downs of living with mental health issues and depression and attempts to capture the relationship between the person and the darkness that lives within their head. The disheartening truth that one is often their own worst enemy; the one that they need saving from, comprises the chorus: “Save me from myself. ‘Cause I ain’t running from nobody else. And I’m screaming for your help. Won’t you save me from myself.”

Check out the video in the embed below, and make sure you hit up their socials to show your support. Trust us when we say … you’ll be glad you did.