📀 Plays Of The Month: December

It’s that time of year when playlists can be found everywhere it seems. Best Of Lists, including ours, are all over the internet. So … why not make one more to end the year?

Below, you’ll find our Plays Of The Month for December … our very last post of the year. Bring on 2021 and goodbye 2020 … you won’t be missed. Except for the music, of course!

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📀 Best Of 2020 – Albums (Part 2)

Well, here we are. The Top 20 albums of the year, according to The iM. It’s been so much fun compiling this list, and we’re stoked to be sharing it with you today. If you missed Part 1 yesterday, you can check it out before you go any further.

That being said, here are the records that defined our year below. So much talent on these recordings; artists who inspired us in what was otherwise a pretty dismal 2020. Isn’t that what music is all about? We think so.

20. Venus Furs – Self-Titled

19. Destroyer – Have We Met

18. Nation Of Language – Introduction, Presence

17. Bully – SUGAREGG

16. elvis depressedly – depressedelica

15. Prince Josh – The Joy

14. Gum Country – Somewhere

13. Jon Mckiel – Bobby Joe Hope

12. Falcon Jane – Faith

11. TOPS – I Feel Alive

10. Helena Deland – Someone New

9. Radical Dads – Paved Mountain

8. Freak Heat Waves – Zap The Planet

7. Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher

6. Lee Paradise – The Fink

5. Skyway Man – The World Only Ends When You Die

4. LOMA – Don’t Shy Away

3. Waxahatchee – Saint Cloud

2. Zoon – Bleached Wavves

1. Fellow Hollow – Violet Paper Wings

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📹 The Besnard Lakes – “Feuds With Guns”

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Montreal art-rockers The Besnard Lakes dropped their exceptional single, Our Heads, Our Hearts On Fire Again, but the band is back with another dreamy new track, Feuds With Guns. The song will be included on their upcoming long-player, The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings. Now, it’s time for you to take a listen.

Check out the animated video in the embed below and be sure to hit up their socials for more leading up to the release. The new record drops January 29th on Flemish Eye Records.

📀 Best Of 2020 – Albums (Part 1)

So many talented artists out there and so many incredible albums released this year. Much like the Songs Of 2020, it was tough to pick all of our favourites in just one list.

Believe it or not, more records could’ve been added. Originally, we were going to include only 20, but there were so many great albums dropped in the last twelve months, we had to up the ante.

Below, you’ll find the first half of our “Best Of 2020” albums list for your listening pleasure. Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing the second half. We can’t wait to share it with you, but until then, sink your teeth into all this amazing music.

40. Wolf Parade – Thin Mind

39. Girlhood – Self-Titled

38. No Joy – Motherhood

37. Andy Shauf – The Neon Skyline

36. Braids – Shadow Offering

35. Slow Pulp – Moveys

34. Dizzy – The Sun And Her Scorch

33. Caribou – Suddenly

32. snarls – Burst

31. Mav Karlo – Strangers Like Us

30. TEENANGER – Good Time

29. Romshii – Headroom Window

28. Ellis – Born Again

27. Gulfer – Self-Titled

26. SAULT – UNTITLED (Black Is)

25. Riches – Fantasy Chapel

24. Pottery – Welcome To Bobby’s Motel

23. U.S. Girls – Heavy Light

22. Mary – Die Before Death

21. Luka Kuplowsky – Stardust

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📀 Best Of 2020 – EPs

Wherever you are, we hope you’re having an amazing holiday season. We also have some exciting news to share today; we’re starting the week off with our favourite EPs of 2020.

In case you missed it, several talented artists released a ton of incredible music in the last twelve months, and sometimes, the albums get all the credit. We wanted to make sure to recognize all of these amazing artists and their EP contributions this year.

That being said, check out our Top 15 EPs of 2020 and stay tuned for the Top Albums of the year starting tomorrow. Not sure about you, but we can’t wait to share more.

15. Twin Peaks – Side A

14. Jordana – Something To Say

13. Blue Hawaii – Under 1 House

12. Anzola – Caracas

11. Couch Prints – Tell U

10. Skullcrusher – Self-Titled

9. Bullion – We Had A Good Time

8. Tomberlin – Projections

7. Laurence-Anne – Accident

6. PHÈDRE – Eterna

5. B-17 – Back In The Barn

4. BLANKS – Beyond These Walls

3. The Ophelias – For Luck

2. Scratch – Something To Do

1. MOTHER TONGUES – Everything You Wanted

If you dig this, be sure to check out our Best Of 2020 – CoversBest Of 2020 – Songs … the Best Of 2020 – Albums (Part 1) is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!

📀 The iM: A Holiday Playlist

The holidays are wonderful, aren’t they?. We can’t speak for everybody, but we’d venture to say most of us enjoy this time of year. We certainly do here at The iM.

That being said, we’ve compiled a list of holiday “indie” songs to get you through the season and into next year … 50 to be exact! Classics from the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Molly Burch and Cat Power. New songs from The Aislers Set, Black Marble and more favourites from Canadian Acts like Hey! Rosetta, Elephant Stone and No Joy.

We’re going to take a few days off to spend some time with family … you should do the same. And, while you’re at it, listen to our playlist below. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

🎧 DARKSIDE – “Liberty Bell”

It’s been some time since we’ve heard anything new from Nicolás Jaar and Dave Harrington, the masterminds behind New York-based electronic outfit DARKSIDE. The wait is over though, with a brand new single, Liberty Bell. Now, it’s time to share it with you.

Check it out in the embed, and stay tuned to the socials below for more going forward. Their first new album in 7 years, Sprial, drops this coming spring. Not sure about you, but we can’t wait.

💿 Mothland – “Sounds From Mothland Volume I”

Mothland is an artist management company and record label (among other things) out of Montreal, Quebec. We recently came across their new Sounds From The Mothland compilation, and we can’t get enough here at The iM. The album contains artists from Canada, the US, France, Belgium and Israel. Now, it’s time for you to check out it.

Listen in the embed below and be sure to hit up our favourite album cuts, Money Tree by Birds Of Paradise, Marche Pt. 3 (Feat. Jasmine Trails) by Yoo Doo Right, and Near Life Experience from Montreal indie-rock veterans The High Dials. You’ll be glad you did.

💿 Cedric Noel – “Patterning”

Montreal songwriter and musician Cedric Noel has been making music for some time now. We just came across his latest offering, Patterning, and couldn’t be more stoked to share the album with you. It’s an epic, ambient musical journey you won’t soon forget; perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Check out the record in the embed and be sure to hit up our favourite album cut, the 14-minute long, Accept The Swirl. And, while you’re at it, click on the socials below for more going forward. This guy deserves your attention.