🎧 Michael Scott Dawson – ‘All The Things This Isn’t’

To say that we were big fans on Regina indie-pop outfit Library Voices back in the day, would be a serious understatement. We haven’t heard much from the band in recent years but what we do have is a new record coming out from one of the members, Michael Scott Dawson. This is a completely different direction musically and we like what we hear. Now, it’s time to share it with you.

“In late 2017 Dawson suffered an unexpected bout of vertigo. For the better part of 18 months the thought of working on music felt impossible. Some days just the thought of listening to music felt impossible. As the symptoms started to recede, he rediscovered a love for close listening. Before long he had set up a makeshift studio at home and started work on what would become Nowhere, Middle of. Reflecting on the project, Dawson states “I knew I wanted to rely as much on scotch tape as a computer.”

Check out the first single All The Things This Isn’t in the embed below and be sure to hit up his socials for more leading up to the release. The new album, Nowhere, Middle Of drops October 16th via We Are Busy Bodies.

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