📹 Devarrow – ‘Change’

Devarrow is the work of Halifax-based singer/songwriter and musician Graham Ereaux. Just recently the indie-folkster released a new music video for his song Change and we want you to know about it.

“‘Change feels a bit like an illusive house cat – it’s lived so close to me for years but I rarely see it. I wrote this song back at the same time when I wrote ‘Little Road’, and a lot of the other songs on my first proper album, The Great Escape, but for one reason or another it didn’t get recorded. I then finally recorded it to put it on my self-titled record which I just released, but it felt a bit too poppy to fit with the rest of the tracks, so again, it didn’t make it on to that record. This song has been with me since the beginning it seems, so it’s nice for it to finally emerge from under the bed and let me show it to you all.”

Check out the song in the embed below and be sure to head over to his socials for more going forward. Who knows, maybe more music is on the way?

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