🎧 PREMIERE: New River Beach – ‘The Right Place’

From Green Go to Paradise Animals and newly discovered Favours, Toronto musician Mark Andrade has always been connected to The Indie Machine in one way or another. So, it only seems fitting that we get to introduce you to his latest project with his wife Marney Isaac, New River Beach.

In the spirit of Caribou’s ‘Can’t Do Without You’, The Right Place is a song that evokes much emotion; rolling synths and hazy vocals creating a sonic landscape you won’t soon forget. With its pure simplicity, from beginning to end, The Right Place leaves us yearning for more.

Isaac plays almost all of the instruments on their debut track. After laying down all the parts to the song, Andrade used his production skills and sampling techniques to help shape the pieces into a cohesive whole.

“We recorded “The Right Place” in our home studio in the evenings after our kids went to sleep. New River Beach is a place near Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada – Marney’s home town. We’ve been reflecting on the concept of well-being and its connection to place. From playing a warm Juno, to a washed-out trumpet and bass guitar, the act of playing together, especially during these isolated and uncertain times, became a place of its own.”

Rumour has it the duo are hard at work on their follow-up single, so stay tuned for more on their socials. Until then, bask in the glory that is The Right Place… headphones are highly recommended.


Stay Tuned